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Samsung Town in the Gangnam Station area in Seoul, South Korea

The Samsung Galaxy is a touchscreen-enabled, slate-format.This Android smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Samsung Electronics. This device is the first Android device of the third Android smartphone series produced by Samsung. It was came out in March 2010. It released for sale in June 2010.Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-chul in 1938.Over the next three centuries, the group developed various sectors including food processing, textiles, insurance, securities, and retail.Samsung introduced the electronics industry in the late 1960s and the shipbuilding and construction industries in the mid-1970s. In these areas it will have a real growth After Lee's death,Samsung was separated in 1987 into 4 business groups – Samsung Group, Shinsegae Group, Hansol Group and CJ Group. Since 1990, Samsung has increased its activities and electronics. In particular, its mobile phones and semiconductor devices have become its biggest source of revenue. As of 2017, Samsung has the 6th brand value in global level.


Lee Byung Chull

Name : Lee Byung-Chul
Hangul : 이병철
Hanja : 李秉喆
Born : 12 February 1910
Occupation: Founder of Samsung Group.

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Lee founded cheil Mojik and built the plant in chimson-dong , the country's largest wool mill ever.


Samsung-Sanyo manages to produce a 12-inch black and white TV, and it was only 2 months after its production that it exported the TV set to Panama.


The first Samsung-produced TV product was born the 19-inch transistor Black and White Maha 506.


Samsung Heavy Industries Incorporated and Samsung Petrochemical Founded.


Samsung reached 5 million milestones in the number of TVs produced, and by spending on its Black and White TV lines, Samsung became the world's number one manufacturer semiconductor and Samsung Electronics became a separate entity.


Mass production of microwave ovens began.


Samsung acquired Hangu Jeonja, based in Gomi, and entered into telecommunications hardware, which later became Samsung's mobile phone manufacturing hub.Samsung started producing air conditioners.


Samsung produces 1 million color TVs.


Due to the low distribution cost and low cost manpower, Samsung established its first manufacturing subsidiary in Portugal.


Samsung started making personal computers and upgraded information processing technology and managed to produce 8-bit (1 byte = 8 bits) PCs.


Samsung first exports VCR to US.


Samsung manufactures the world's smallest, lightest 4mm video tape recorder. Samsung Semiconductor was selected as the official sponsor for the 1986 Asian Games.


Samsung Aerospace Industries (now Samsung Tech One) launches in February.


Samsung semiconductor and telecommunications partner merges with Samsung Electronics. Home appliances, telecommunications and semiconductors have been selected as business lines.


Samsung completed the development ofmobile phone dandset.


Samsung completed the development of the mobile phone handset. Development of the world's first 64M DRAM 250MB hard disc drive completed Samsung completed the development of the world's first 64M DRAM and 250MB hard disk drive.


Samsung completed the development of the world's first 250M DRAM.


Samsung made its first LCD (liquid crystal display) screen ten years later to become the world's largest manufacturer of liquid crystal display panels.Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology develops the world's first Real Time MPEG-3 ("Moving Picture Expert Group") technology.


Samsung manufactures Alpha Chip, the world's fastest CPU (central processing unit).


Samsung completed the development of flat screen TVs.


Samsung manufactures a wireless Internet phone (smartphone), a small multi-function phone. Samsung Aerospace (also known as Samsung Tech One), Daewoo Heavy Industries, Hyundai Space and Aircraft formed a single business, Korea Aerospace Industries.


Samsung Electronics TV Phones and Watch Phones Make Guinness a World Record Book Samsung Electronics launches PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) phone


Samsung Electronics unveiled the industry's first ultra-slim handset and produced the world's first 40-inch TFT-LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display).


Samsung Electronics launches new high-definition TFT-LCD color cellular phone.


Samsung Electronics introduces 46-inch LCD TVs for the first time in the world.


Samsung Electronics launches world's first Blu-ray disc player.


Samsung Electronics secured worldwide market share position No. 1 for TV for 7 consecutive quarters, and BlackJack won the Best Smartphone Award at CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association) in the United States.


Samsung takes No. 1 spot in the US cell phone market.


Samsung Electronics announces its open mobile platform "Bada".


Samsung's heavy industry has become the second largest ship maker in terms of revenue.


Samsung Electronics, overtaking Nokia, has become the world's largest mobile phone market by selling units, which has been the market leader since 1998. The Samsung Heavy Industry began work on a "ship" that, when completed and fully loaded, the world's largest ship, weighing 600,000 tons.


Samsung Electronics launches Galaxy S4 in Korean and global markets.


Samsung Electronics announces expansion of Galaxy Note series with Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. It also announced the launch of the Galaxy S5 and Samsung Gear devices commercially in 125 countries.


Samsung Electronics unveiled the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge with the world's first rotating display on both sides. It also launched the Gear S2, a versatile circular design and stylish smart watch with rotating bezel.


Samsung Electronics' profit was estimated to increase by more than two years due to the success of the Galaxy S7. Samsung has released the brand of Gear Fit 2 called Fitness Smart Watch and Gear Icon X Wireless Earbuds. Samsung recalls and canceled the Galaxy Note 7's production.


Samsung release Galaxy C7 Pro, Galaxy A3. A5. A7, Galaxy C5 Pro Galaxy S8. S8+, Galaxy Xcover 4,Galaxy Note Fan edition, Galaxy J7 Max, Galaxy J3 .J5 .J7 Pro , Galaxy S8 active , Galaxy Note 8 ,Galaxy J7 +.


Samsung release Galaxy S9.


Samsung release Galaxy S10 , Galaxy Note 10.

Labor abuses

Samsung has been the subject of many complaints about child labor from 2012 to 2015.. In July 2014, Samsung terminated its contract with Shenyang Electronics after complaints were found of violating child labor laws. Samsung disconnected the relations instantly per its "zero tolerance" policy for child labor violations.
One of Samsung's Chinese supplier factorie was criticized the use underage workers by China Labor Watch (CLW) in July 2014. HEG rejected the charges and has indicted China Labor Watch.
CLW (China Labor Watch) issued a statement in August 2014 claiming that HEG employed over ten children under the age of 16 was worked at a factory in Huizhou, Guangdong.Samsung said that it helded an onsite inquiry of the production line but found no evidence of child labor being used.

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